Bell System Practices
Western Electric Telephones and Equipment
As scanned by Frank Harrell (AKA Cowboy Frank)

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[   ]460-000-006-i06_1978-12-01.pdf 10M  Alphebetic-Numeric Index, Station, Key, PBX and Private Service Systems
[   ]460-001-010-i12_1972-02-01.pdf386K
[   ]460-100-400-i05_1978-03-01.pdf3.7M  Station protection and grounds
[   ]460-110-100-i04_1966-12-01.pdf1.1M  Protective deviced used on special service circuits
[   ]460-110-100-i05_1974-09-02.pdf1.5M  Newer Issue
[   ]460-110-130-i01_1969-02-01.pdf199K  Marking Physical location of station equipment and cable
[   ]460-110-400-i01_1969-12-01.pdf556K  Special safeguard measures, Radio and Telegraph loops Service
[   ]460-300-103-i01_1980-04-01.pdf 66K  Insulating gloves, leather protectors, fabric liners, and glove bag
[   ]460-300-103-i02_1975-12-02.pdf647K  Newer Issue
[   ]460-300-103-i03_1979-07-02.pdf717K  Newer Issue
[   ]460-300-108-i01_1969-12-01.pdf841K  Ladders
[   ]460-300-108-i02_1980-04-02.pdf2.6M  Newer Issue
[   ]460-300-110-i01_1969-12-01.pdf435K  Climbing precautions
[   ]460-300-110-i01_1973-03-03.pdf 53K  Addendium
[   ]460-300-110-i02_1979-10-03.pdf416K  Addendium
[   ]460-300-121-i01_1969-12-01.pdf581K  Drops from open and rural lines
[   ]460-300-121-i01_1974-01-03.pdf 85K  Addendium
[   ]460-300-123-i02_1973-11-01.pdf1.2M  Drop and block wire, attaching and fastening
[   ]460-300-127-i01_1969-12-01.pdf332K  Pole-to-pole and pole-to-building runs
[   ]460-300-129-i01_1969-12-01.pdf358K  Drop and block wire discontinuance of service
[   ]460-300-131-i01_1969-12-01.pdf154K  Multiple drop wire, placement
[   ]460-300-134-i03_1972-05-01.pdf1.0M  Dedicated plant wiring, access points
[   ]460-300-140-i01_1969-12-01.pdf443K  Wire terminals, Multiple line wires
[   ]460-300-143-i03_1978-04-01.pdf1.6M  Buried plant, buried wire terminations
[   ]460-300-145-i04_1972-11-01.pdf1.1M  Drop and block, strand, sheath, pole, and wall wire terminals
[   ]460-300-149-i03_1977-01-01.pdf648K  Separation and mechanical protection for wire and cable

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