Bell System Practices
Western Electric Telephones and Equipment
As scanned by Frank Harrell (AKA Cowboy Frank)

Most things are simple IF you already understand them.
It's explaining something in a way that is easy to understand, which is hard.
Frank Harrell (March, 2013)
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[DIR] 000 010 081 General methods
[DIR] 100 167 Power
[DIR] 200 Switching Systems
[DIR] 300 363 Transmission, signaling systems and testing
[DIR] 400 460 461 462 463 Customer Equipment
[DIR] 500 500 501 502 503 506 508 510 512 514 518 529 Station Equipment (Telephone Sets)
[DIR] 600
[DIR] 700
[DIR] 800
[DIR] 900

Visit My Telephone Collection Section. Includes educational information

[DIR]Instruction Manuals - Instruction Pamphlets for customers
[DIR]Miscellaneous - Other things (books)
000-000-005 40k Master Numerical Index (Description of first order group codes) (now with hyperlinks to available sections)
[   ]460-000-006 10.8m Alphabetic-Numeric Index, (Station, Key, PBX, Private Service Systems)
[TXT]Set Numbers 35k A listing of all Western Electric set numbers (Under development)
[TXT]100 Years in the Bell System4.0mWestern Electric magazine
[TXT]Phone Number Label templet19kExcel spreadsheet
[TXT]About this site and What are Bell System Practices?
[DIR]HighResVersions If the PDF files in the sections above are not clear enough, higher resolution versions including the original 300dpi scans are available here

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